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Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society
of India (ARDSI), Bangalore Chapter

Promoted by Nightingales Medical Trust

Caring for people with Dementia and their caregivers

Dementia Bangalore Helpline

for information and guidance related to dementia


All working days, 9a.m.-9p.m.

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Support Group Meetings Held

ARDSI, Bangalore Chapter, organizes support group meetings regularly to help caregivers and dementia patients. below is the list of the meetings held by us.

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Month and Year Topic Experts invited
June 2010 Yoga Therapy in Dementia Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
May 2010 Environment and Dementia Dr. Priyamvada
April 2010 Care interventions in dementia Dr. Soumya, Dr. Priyamvada
February 2010 Drug Trials in Dementia Dr. Rathnavalli, Manipal Hospitals
January 2010 Art therapy interventions in Dementia Varalakshmi Jonnalagadda, Art therapist
December 2009 Palliative Care and Dementia Dr. Neela Patel M.D, M.P.H, San Antonio U S
November 2009 General sharing Caregivers
October 2009 Self Empowerment through Pranic Healing Dr. Kshitij
September 2009 Living with Hope Dr. Usha Vasthare
July 2009 Caring and Sharing Caregivers
June 2009 Yoga and Dementia Dr. P.T. Shiva Kumar, Dr. Hari Prasad, & Dr. Nalani
April 2009 Yogic Interventions for Dementia Patients and Care Givers Dr. Hari Prasad, NIMHANS
March 2009 Role of Medication in Dementia Dr. Anand, Neuropsychiatrist
March 2009 Non-pharmacological approaches to Dementia Management Dr. John Zeisel, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, Massachusetts
February 2009 Provisions in Indian Legal System for People with Dementia Mr. Yeshu Mishra, Indolegal Inc.
January 2009 Support Group Meeting Review  
December 2008 Care options in Dementia Management: Experiences from Australia Lorraine Benson, Alzheimer’s Australia
December 2008 Role of Counseling in Caregiving Mrs. Pramila, Banjara Academy
November 2008 Fall Prevention in Dementia Mrs. Trushita Sheth, Physiotherapist
October 2008 Disclosing Diagnosis in Dementia Dr. Naveen & Dr. Nalini, NIMHANS
September 2008 Caring for Caregivers Dr. Ali Khwaja, Banjara Academy
August 2008 Psychological Issues Of Caregivers Dr. Om Prakash, NIMHANS
July 2008 Learning Routine and Dementia Dr. Srikala Bharat, NIMHANS
June 2008 Sharing Experiences Dr. Rathnavalli, Manipal Hospitals
April 2008 General Sharing Dr. Radha Murthy & Mrs. Krithika Srivats